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For 15 years our local licensed insurance agents have been providing guidance to our clients with a focus on their specific healthcare needs.

Individuals Turning 65

Understand your Medicare options before you turn 65.

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Learn how your VA and Medicare benefits can work in tandem.

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Current Beneficiaries

We can identify and fill gaps in your current Medicare coverage if necessary.

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Medicare Plans for Chronic Care

Know the plans that are available to patients with chronic conditions.

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Enroll in Medicare

If you’re turning 65 it’s time to make a Medicare decision.Luckily, you don’t have to make that decision alone.Advocate Health Advisors is here to be your guide through the process while also helping to rebalance coverage as your needs change in the future.Click on the video to the right and learn more about how we help individuals just like you.

Message From Our Founder & CEO Darwin Hale

My mother came to me for help with her Medicare choices when she was turning 65. I struggled to understand it all and called a friend for help, a trustworthy licensed insurance agent.Together, we picked out the right plan for my mother.

I realized then that I wasn't the only guy who had a mom who needed to make tough choices. That's when I launched Advocate Health Advisors in 2005.

And today I’m proud to say we have independent local licensed agents across the country who can help you make those important decisions.

Darwin HaleCEO & Founder, COL (RET), USAR & Author

We are guides, we are local, and we are on your side.
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